Hard Cider List

Dry Ciders
Farmhouse; our flagship, a dry, traditional cider—clean and crisp apple

Jalapeño; our Farmhouse fermented with jalapeño peppers—
apple, peppers without the spice

Granny’s; our Farmhouse aged for 6 to 8 months in Heaven Hill’s Bourbon Barrels—clean and crisp, oak

Black; a single-varietal cider made with Arkansas Black apples—
crisp apple, honey

Jerry’s Cherries; cider fermented with Michigan cherries—apple, cherry, honey, clean and crisp

Goldensap; a two-varietal cider, Gold Rush and Staymen Winesap—
clean and crisp, delightful

Bunny #13; a hoppy cider fermented with cascade hops—
apple, honey, citrus and flowers

Holiday Happiness; a dry cider, think about a wassail fermented out--
clove, cinnamon, nutmeg and orange peel 

Spy Candy; a three-varietal cider, Northern Spy, Hyslop, Rusty Coat—heavy, apple, oak, smoke

Spry[e]; our Spy Candy aged in a Rye Whiskey Barrel—
apple, rye, vanilla, oak, heavy-handed

[M]apfelwein; a cider fermented with Maple Syrup from Joe’s Sugar Shack—apple, maple, heavy

Grandpa’s; a chaptalized cider fermented, then aged in Heaven Hill’s Bourbon Barrels for a year—apple, bourbon, caramelized sugar, vanilla

Semi-Sweet to Sweet Ciders

Bon-Bon; a semi-sweet, American-style cider—
clean and crisp, apple, honey—our best selling cider

Caramel Bon-Bon; a fall favorite, tastes like a caramel apple.  
Perfect for all of your autumnal activities!

Farm N Blue; a semi-sweet cider fermented with blueberries from Tillman Farms—apple, blueberry, sunshine

Apple-Blackberry; a semi-sweet cider made with orchard blackberries—clean and crisp, apple, blackberry

Paige’s Peach; a sweet, American-style cider with Peaches and Natural Peach Flavors added—apple, peach, honey

Megan’s Mangoes; a sweet, American-style cider with Natural Mango Flavors added—apple, mango, sunshine

Fermented with Honey

Cyser; dry, clean and crisp, our orchard honey and apples fermented together—apple, honey, flowers

Hibiscus Ginger Cyser; an off-dry, crisp and clean cyser made with Organic Ginger and Jamaican Hibiscus

Lavender Cyser; an off-dry, crisp and clean cyser fermented with lavender
and then aged in gin barrels from Journeyman Distillery

Lil Buzz; a dry hydromel made with orchard honey—honey, flowers, propolis, clean and crisp

Alison’s Jubilee; a sweet honey wine fermented with cider, black raspberries and hops—a toast to my love!

Experimental Ciders

Brevipes; a dry single-varietal crab apple cider—juicy, apple, honey with a tart finish

Cranberry-Fennel; an off-dry cider fermented with Cranberries and Fennel—apple, fruity, licorice