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Available hard ciders; 
Country Cottage
Granny's Bourbon Barrel Aged*
Granny's Bourbon Barrel Aged (12m)*
Jerry's Cherries
Holiday Happiness*
Bunny #13*
Ginger Cyser
Spy Candy
​Alison's Jubilee

And wines; 
Dry Apple Wine*
Semi-Sweet Apple Wine
Sweet Apple Wine*
Sweet Rhubarb Wine
Sweet Blueberry Wine
Sweet Blackberry Wine
Dry Blueberry Wine
Hoppy Honeywine
Coffee Honeywine
Barrel o' Mead
Uncle Billy*
Ice Cider i
Ice Cider iii*
Winesap Ice Cider
Gold Rush Ice Cider
Arkansas Black Ice Cider

​*Award Winning

In 2009, we began a new venture...we became a farm winery, producing hard ciders and wines from the fruits and vegetables grown on site.  

Our first bottles were placed on the shelves in September of 2010; and, we have been busy trying to bring more varieties to folks ever since.

We will be busy this spring planting many more crops with which to someday press and produce delicious beverages!

This new venture is our dream; and, we would love to share it with you (in a tasting glass or by the bottle).

Alison's Jubilee is back!

We just won gold at the Brewer's Cup with Jerry's Cherries!

Ice Cider iii just picked up a gold medal and Best in Class at Indy International!