Jams and Jellies and Much, Much More

We keep the Apple Barn shelves full of jams and jellies, fruit butters, honey and honey comb, maple syrup and flavored syrups, popcorn and applesauce.  There is enough variety to find a couple of items for everyone.  They make perfect gifts for your friends and family, and lets not forget about yourself.

Apple Butter, a delicious spread on toast or biscuits and a delicious ingredient to be used for homemade barbeque sauce.  It is made with our apples.  Available in sugar-free and regular in 12oz, 16oz and 32oz jars.
Applesauce, where to begin?  A great staple for a child's lunch, a wonderful snack and a low-fat subsitute for butter when cooking.  It is made with our apples down at the Restaurant.  It is available in sugar-free and regular in 32oz jars.
Hooray for Honey!  Supervised by our very own queen bees, this honey is a blend of apple blossom, clover and wildflower, harvested here on site.  It is unpasteurized and all-natural, available in 12oz bears, 16oz skeps and 3lb quarts.
We also cut our own honeycomb for those who want to take a bigger bite out of nature.
We carry several varities of McCutcheon's fruit butters, jams and jellies and preserves.  McCuthcheon's is a family-owned operation from Maryland, that takes pride in their work and produces high-quality items.  Their pumpkin butter is probably my favorite.
The Indiana Maple Syrup we carry comes from a small, family-run operation down the road from us a few miles.  It is a light, sweet syrup with a great maple taste.  It is available in pints and quarts.
If you need a little more than a pure maple syrup, we carry several flavored syrups.  From banana split to maple praline, these syrups are great.
Nothing beats sorghum.  It is a great on oatmeal, bread and pancakes; or, cooked in a loaf of bread.