Chart of Apple Varieties and Their Uses
Apple Variety                             Ripens                   Uses (E)ating, (P)ie, (S)auce, (C)ider
Arkansas Black                      late October                    EPSC
Arlet                                       early September              EC
Ashmead's Kernel                  late September                EC
Baldwin                                  early October                   EPC
Berlepsh Freiher Von             early October                   C
Black Oxford                          coming soon                     C
Black Twig                             coming soon                    EC
Blondee                                   late August                      EPSC
Blue Pearmain                        mid October                    EC
Braeburn                                 mid October                     EPSC
Bramley's Seedling                 early October                  C
Brown Snout                            early October                  C
Brushy Mountain Limbertwig  coming soon                  
Calville Blanc                          late September                PSC
Candy Crisp                            mid October                    EPSC
Chenango Strawberry             mid August                      EPSC
Cortland                                  early September              EPSC
Cox's Orange Pippin               mid September                EPSC
Crismson Crisp                       mid September                EPSC
Crimson Topaz                       coming soon
D.R. Crab                                late September                C
Dandee Red                            mid August                      EPC
Dolgo Crab                              late August                      C
Duchess of Oldenberg             mid August                       PSC
Early Fuji                                 early September               EPC
Edelborsdorfer                         early September               EC
Empire                                    late September                 ESC
Enterprise                                late October                     EPC
Esopus Spitzenberg               mid October                     EC
Evercrisp                                coming soon
Fameuse                                mid October                      EC
Fenton                                    late August                       PSC
Florina Querina                       mid September                 EC
Freyburg                                mid September                 EC
Frostbite                                early September                EPC
Fuji                                        mid October                       EPC
Gala                                       late August                        ESC
Geneva Crab                          early September                C
Gibson Gold                           late September                 EPSC
Ginger Gold                            late August                       EPSC
Gold Rush                              late October                       EPC
Golden Russet                       late September                 EC
Granny Smith                         late October                      EPC
Gravenstein                            late August                       EPSC
Grimes Golden                       mid September                 EPSC
Hawaii                                    mid September                  ESC
Hawkeye Delicious                 mid September                 EPSC
Honeycrisp                             early September               EPC
Hudson's Golden Gem           early October                    ESC
Hyslop                                    mid September                  C
Ida Red                                   early October                    EPSC
Jonagold                                 late September                 EPSC
Jonathan                                 early September                EPSC
Kingston Black                        mid October                       C
Lodi                                         mid July                             S
Maiden Blush                          late July                             ES
Medaille D'or                           mid September                  C
Melrose                                    mid September                  EPSC
Mollies Delicious                     mid August                         EPC
Muscadet de Dieppe               early October                    C
Mutsu                                      late September                   EPSC
Old Fashion Limbertwig          coming soon
Old Nonpareil                          early September                 EC
Newtown Pippin                      mid October                       EPSC
Northern Spy                           late September                  EPSC
NY 35 (bonkers)                      coming soon                      EPSC
Paula Red                                mid August                        ESC
Pink Lady                                 mid October                       EPC
Pink Pearl                                coming soon
Pixie Crunch                            late September                   EPC
Pomme Gris                             late September                  EC
Porter's Perfection                    coming soon
Pristine                                     late July                            EPSC
Puget Spice                              early October                   C
Red Delicious                           late September
Red Free                                  early August                      EPS
Red Gold                                   mid September                  ESC
Redfield                                    coming soon
Reine de Pomme                      mid September                 C
Roxbury Russet                       late September                  EPC
Rusty Coat                               early October                    EC
Sheepnose                              early October                     EC
Sister Spy                                 early October                    C
Smokehouse                            coming soon
Smoothee                                 mid September                 EPSC
Snowsweet                               early October                    EPSC
Spartan                                    mid August                       ESC
St. Edmund's Russet               coming soon
Staymen Winesap                    late October                     EPC
Summer Rambo                        mid August                        EPC
Sundance                                 early October                   EPSC
Sweet 16                                  early October                    EPSC
Turley Winesap                         mid October                     EPSC
Wickson Crab                           mid October                     EC
Winecrisp                                  mid October                     EPSC
White Winter Pearmain            late September                EPSC
William's Pride                         mid August                       EPC
Yellow Delicious                      mid September                 EPSC
Zestar!                                     early August                      EPSC

Don't see something you're wanting?  Let us know, if there are enough requests for an apple, we'll get the trees planted.  Keep checking back as our list keeps growing!